Exhibitions 2023


09/08/2023 – 23/09/2023

wolfgang drechsler already wrote about helmut swoboda in the mid-1990s that he consciously operates at a border. “he has made the boundary between the concrete and the abstract even more indistinct by consciously operating with the possibility form. he puts our vision, our perception to the test. starting from nature, transforming it and yet respecting it, he creates images that can also exist without the model. they are neither replicas nor equivalents; they are floating, ambiguous, open to different readings …” this approach can also be found in the objects and photographic works of mathias swoboda. structures and textures are placed in relation to one another, becoming a pictorial idea! or as susan sontag wrote in 2008: “by distancing oneself even further from a “natural” vision – and abstracting the object by detaching it from its surroundings – one advances towards new concepts of beauty.”