Exhibitions 2023


28/06/2023 – 05/08/2023

a graduate of the “piero della francesca” art institute in arezzo, GIULIANO CAPORALI dedicated himself to painting from a young age, showing his tireless desire for experimentation and research, but also the relationship between material and colour. in 1976 he began working as a draughtsman at the ministry of cultural heritage and activities, where over the years he was able to get up close to the masterpieces of the great masters of the tuscan renaissance, from piero della francesca to beato angelico, from signorelli to vasari. the work between painting and architecture, corroded mould walls, cracks, the relationship between time and space, nature and artificiality influenced his painting profoundly. out of respect for the important artists whose works he restored, caporali works exclusively informally. through the balance of form and colour, he manages to establish an emotional relationship with the viewer. through his constant reduction, the elimination of everything superfluous or trivial, the purity of colour seems to be the most important thing in his work.