Exhibitions 2022


01/12/2022 – 24/12/2022

we present a new work of art every day.
the original can be seen in our shop window at riesengasse 8, old town, innsbruck.

if you are interested, the works can be purchased by phone or by mail.

24. december 2022


after his education at the university of art in linz, raitmayr studied at the academy of fine arts with bruno gironcoli. by training, raitmayr is thus a sculptor. as such, he creates minimalist sculptures in which the superficially applied, model-like and the associated belittlement ultimately condense into a far-reaching mesh of associations and references (…g.dankl)

23. december 2022


what is expected of the modern viewer, namely openness and curiosity, is sufficiently provided by the artist, who is interested in change and experimentation and is as vital as he is sensitive. accepting the associated risk, he has from the very beginning tested step by step the viability of a multiculturally overlapping, unifying conception and attitude to life. today, this is what makes up dalpra’s artistic identity. the superficial beauty of brightly coloured plastic material in fashionable outfits, which dalpra feigns, corresponds with the astounding use of space in his floor and plinth sculptures with the cultural background of their author, who was decisively influenced by long stays in australia, indonesia and india. (peter baum)

22. december 2022


“love” is easy to read from the arrangement of the roses. if you look at it from the opposite perspective, it becomes “hate”. the berlin concept and performance artist mia f. weiss has designed “love/hate” in numerous variations: the larger-than-life sculpture “love/hate” (5.00 x 2.2 m) has been placed prominently in various locations from brussels to washington, and in the summer of 2020 also in innsbruck. mia florentina weiss wants to use it to point out the importance of peace and the necessity of love in a time of political division and hatred.

21. december 2022


“he has made the border between the concrete and the abstract even more blurred by deliberately operating with the form of possibility. he puts our vision, our perception to the test. starting from nature, transforming it and yet respecting it, he creates images that can exist without the model. they are neither after-images nor equivalents; they are floating, ambiguous, open to various ways of reading…” (w. drechsler)

20. december 2022


for all their seemingly objective, scientific quality, schmierer’s pictures are often fresh and sensual. despite their apparent purism, his concept of abstraction can be seen in a broader light and placed in the context of everyday life. schmierer has been working with polaroid photography for years. in his works he enlarges the polaroid format tenfold and then works on it painterly and graphically – in the square, actual image space as well as beyond it. in these works schmierer plays with recent art history and the viewers’ expectations of images and expands the classical graphic and painterly materials such as charcoal or red chalk to include the industrially used materials acrylic varnish, liquid plastic and more. (m.bichler)

19. december 2022


cushions are known to be soft, but judith p. fischers are totally uncuddly. full of epoxy resin. only the “grabbers” notice that anyway. in many of her works, fischer combines elements of drawing and photography with sculpture. her art is characterised by a haptic, sometimes sensual impression and a wide variety of materials such as steel and silicone. (freely adapted from c. aigner)

18. december 2022


bernd püribauer has been drawing the “animal of the week” for the falter column since 1997 and over the years has acquired a whole stable of animals that present an animal counterpart to the human observer and illustrate the relationship between the human and animal worlds in a subtly ironic way.

17. december 2022


michael tolloy’s sculptures are hermaphroditic creatures of a very special kind. on the one hand, they are committed to art historical tradition, on the other hand, they formulate a tentative, yet determinedly consistent turn towards a contemporary image of man, in terms of content, form and technique in the use of traditional sculptural material. – christiane dressler

16. december 2022


“nostalgia” is a thematic excerpt from a larger series and was taken in 2013 in a viennese municipal building that was about to be demolished. this series is about absence, the search for traces and the appropriation of spaces. it is about the absence of life, thus also the absence of fullness. in the ten photographs, czihak’s gaze focuses on places where a box or a wall of cupboards used to stand. ten absent cupboards, filled with things from the lives of the former residents, are the centre of attention. empty spaces remain and move this former fullness into the foreground.

15. december 2022


“hope carrier” – a title fitting for the advent season, a title that at the same time suggests the nature of ilse abka prandstetter. “where the water dries up, the fish begin to fly”, this proverb welcomes you to her website. even when nothing seems to work anymore, something is still possible. and the imagination is fired. ilse abka prandstetter wants to capture life, the positive, the beautiful, painting is for her the visualisation of inner realities and she believes in the power of art to teach people to love life.

14. december 2022


with partly new large-format works richard kaplenig creates a sensual, powerful show in the gallery artdepot. his motifs come from the world of things, from meat mincing knives to carabiners to screw pieces or various glasses. kaplenig creates photographic-like formulations with a narrow palette, reduced to black, grey, indigo and a few other colours. technically perfect, he places his motifs in an open, empty space. cool and sober, ostensibly determined by objectivity, the objects, precisely captured in perspective and set in oversized scenes, develop a physicality of their own and at the same time gain aesthetic intrinsic value. – dr. willi rainer

13. december 2022


michael vonbank is the great unknown of art. a high level of drama characterises his work, whether as a painter or as a lyricist. like “film styles”, the individual paintings are usually short moments in a long dramatic story. michael vonbank’s particular interest was in the dichotomy of inner feelings – listening in on the demon world, his own unconscious and the abysses of man. an expressive power and a strong wildness run through his entire oeuvre. the enormous painterly force of his pictures is one of the outstanding qualities of his work. vonbank’s passion, spontaneity and also uncompromisingness also ran “like a red thread” through his biography. michael vonbank was born in 1964 in bludenz and died when he was 51 years old.

12. december 2022


colour, nothing but colour is wonkun jun’s “basic element” of his art. the korean artist, born in seoul in 1970, who (amongst others) studied with helmut federle in düsseldorf, describes his gallery as a manifestation of his feelings, as a mirror of his soul…

11. december 2022


“who am i – and if so, how many? this thought by philosopher richard david precht can be expanded into many dimensions. what makes us? upbringing? genetics? experience? what influence does culture and environment have? when does our reptilian brain become active and when does the mammalian brain? identity is an illusion. we play roles, as william shakespeare already knew, sometimes we are a child, sometimes a mother, a good friend or much more. depending on the situation and environment. collages like the ones ivana juric creates perhaps come closer to this experience than realistic portraits. (text: c.rohrbacher)

10. december 2022


… from the series twenty times diana. lorenz helfer grew up in a literary environment. his parents are great storytellers: monika helfer as well as michael köhlmeier. in a way, lorenz helfer also tells stories – differently and with the means of painting. not narratively, but rather in hints whose origin can be found in very personal moments. the actual story is created in the mind of the viewer. it is built through their experiences, hopes and fears. as we know, this is the essence of communication. so get to the bottom of “your own story”. beyond that, one can marvel at the skilful use of light and colour.

9. december 2022


aschenbrenner (*1965) in klagenfurt has been living and working in tyrol since 1985. visually, he conceives his works in his head and then realises them with his light and dynamic brushstroke. with a reduced colour palette that makes his works seem almost monochrome, he works with oil, graphite, chalk and charcoal.

8. december 2022


pale coloured flowers, dispersed colours, swirlingly scattered and condensed into shapes, she offers the sense of sight a feast. pliem’s floral cosmologies draw the gaze into unfathomable depths, the eye roams through a seemingly endless intertwined, opulent terrain of flowers, grapes and fruits. pliem lives and works in vienna. after her studies in the master class for sculpture with wander bertoni and in the master class for painting with carl unger and adolf frohner, she studied weaving and textile sculpture in biarritz (fr).

7. december 2022


martina tscherni studied in the master class for tapesserie. with rader-soulek and with ernst caramelle in the master class for graphics. through the sensitive combination of drawing and embroidery, tscherni creates works resulting from meticulous observation, which reproduce elements of flora and fauna isolated from their natural surroundings. the artist finds the motifs for her drawings in nature, which fascinate with their richness of detail and precision. yarn and thread sometimes extend and complete martina tscherni’s drawings and give them a three-dimensional character.

6. december 2022


the artist lives in sweden and tyrol. he has participated in many international film festivals with his cinematic work and has received numerous awards. in parallel, he also works as a photographer, graphic artist and sculptor. his works have been shown at international exhibitions and art fairs. he is a member of the grafiska sällskapet in stockholm and the deutsche gesellschaft für photographie in cologne. his works can be found in various european and american museums, art halls and public and regional institutions. after graduating from the hochschule für angewandte kunst in vienna in 1976, he was awarded the austrian state prize.

5. december 2022


michael spuller is a trained plan draughtsman who uses ms excel (the spreadsheet programme) as a central working tool for his work as an economic consultant and construction process specialist. today he uses excel to draw his works, which depict selected situations in a realistic, technically reduced, clean form. this is also the point of the series “gebirgsaugenblicke”. a photographed, visually simple motif situation (rock, snow, sky) is reduced again without simplifying the complexity of the central structure (rock). in this way, nature is given its own aesthetically clean trait. in spuller’s works, the clear, detailed idea of the final result is drawn digitally. these excel files are plotted in variations on canvas, laminated on wood and framed in steel.

4. december 2022


winkler studied at the graphische lehr- und versuchsanstalt, at the academy of fine arts in vienna with dubrowsky and boeckl and at the art school in guildford near london. at the beginning he was stylistically connected to the viennese school of fantastic realism, but soon found his own facets. after his first successes he interrupted his artistic career to devote himself to the art trade. in 1990 he took up the brush again and since then has devoted himself exclusively to painting. although he was initially still influenced by the artists and forms of expressionism, he increasingly devoted himself to the informal.

3. december 2022


thomas reinhold lives and works in vienna. from 1974 to 1978 he studied with herbert tasquill at the academy of arts and initiated the “neue wilde” in austria at the end of the 1970s together with bohatsch, anzinger, schmalix and klinkan. in the mid-1980s he turned to the media-reflective aspects of painting and photography, which still characterise his work today. reinhold’s oil painting concentrates on the fundamental specifics of painting, these superimpositions invite an archaeological way of seeing in order to grasp the pictorial space.

2. december 2022


is considered a pioneer of digital art in austria. the work of the two-time documenta participant is characterised by repeated motifs that can be thought of in all directions. his computer-generated ants, tubes, brains, globes, which are executed in silkscreen printing, dominate many public spaces. the installations evoke a play between disorientating labyrinthine and decorative ornamentation. (text: m. loessl)

1. december 2022


after studying arts at the istituto del’arte, caporali worked for the ministry of culture of arezzo (i), restoring frescoes by piero della francesca (~1410 – 1492), beato (fra) angelico (1395 – 1455), luca signorelli (1445 -1523) or giorgio vasari (1511 – 1574). he still lives as a freelance artist in arezzo (tuscany). his works lead us into the invisible. layer by layer, the paint is applied to the picture carrier, worked on, partly scraped off again. provided with materials until he arrives in his dimension of the original without time and place – the infinite.