Exhibitions 2021



01/12/2021 – 24/12/2021

we present a new work of art every day.
the original can be seen in our shop window at riesengasse 8, old town, innsbruck.

if you are interested, the works can be purchased by phone or by mail.

24. december 2021


born in styria, she studied at the university of applied arts in vienna, where she has lived and worked ever since. “matta wagnest is an eloquent artist” writes art historian hubert klocker, comparing her to the viennese actionists. “the painful tension between inferiority and megalomania, between depression and euphoria, between agression and self-incrimination is still part of austrian identity.”

23. december 2021


lives and works in zagreb. he is one of the best-known contemporary artists in croatia. vekic uses various everyday motifs such as cars, bridges, rats or insects to caricature contemporary society with irony. after his studies at the academy of arts in zagreb, he had international exhibitions and received numerous awards. in 2011 he was brought back to the university as the youngest professor. in 2009 he represented croatia at the biennale di venezia.

22. december 2021


defner lives and works in igls/tirol as a photographer. he received his training in the workshop for photographic art that his grandfather had founded in his day.he is the third generation owner of defner photo verlag. as an artist, he always reduces his work to the essentials. at first glance, his works look like painted pictures; only when you look closely do the finely crafted landscape structures become visible.

21. december 2021


born in schärding in upper austria, the artist also lives and works there. despite all the seemingly objective scientific quality, schmierer’s paintings often appear fresh and sensual. despite the apparent purism, his concept of abstraction can certainly be viewed in a broader way and brought into the context of everyday life. with his polaroid paintings, he falls back on the analogue polaroid photo, which he uses as a framing subject for his painting.

20. december 2021


born in hall in tyrol, she currently lives and works in vienna, where she also graduated from the university of applied arts under prof. caramelle in the 1980s. “martina tscherni’s paintings are based on a scientifically oriented translation of reality. sources of inspiration for her drawings and paintings are anatomical reference books or the showcases of the vienna natural history museum. beetles, brain coils or parts of the auditory system are depicted meticulously for the sake of their reality, but they are also the starting point for abstract transformations.” (florian steininger)

19. december 2021


bernd püribauer has been drawing the “animal of the week” for the falter column since 1997 and over the years has acquired a whole stable of animals that present an animal counterpart to the human observer and illustrate the relationship between the human and animal worlds in a subtly ironic way.

18. december 2021


diesner was an austrian painter. she received her first drawing lessons in 1930 in geneva. from 1935 to 1937 she studied in brighton and continued her studies in vienna at the academy of fine arts at the end of the 1930s. during the war she worked as a traditional costume painter at the tirolean folk art museum. diesner created a body of work characterised by luminous colours. together with weiler, honeder and scholz, she was one of the most important artists in tirol.

17. december 2021


abka was encouraged artistically at an early age. she received her first acting lessons at the age of 5 and played the role of agnes in the film “the year of the lord” at the age of 10. however, she soon became more interested in painting, which she learned in the studios of stage designers. in 1958 she began her studies at the academy of fine arts in vienna with robin christian andersen and herbert böckl. there she also met the tyrolean painter and draughtsman peter prandstetter, whom she soon married. she interrupted her artistic training until she was invited by max weiler to continue her studies in his class at the academy, which she completed with a diploma in 1970.

16. december 2021


vill lives and works in innsbruck and amsterdam. in her sketches and acrylic paintings, she has been working since 1991 solely with the versal A, which serves independently as a basic compositional form, detached from its function as a model. in her photographs, as in her painting, she plays with the dissolution of the visible into the infinite. she shows transparent objects that dissolve the boundaries of photography through the way they are presented and seem like painting.

15. december 2021


after his studio of arts at the istituto dell ‘arte, caporali worked at the ministry of culture of arezzo, restoring frescoes by piero della francesca, beato angelo, signorelli or even vasari. he still lives in tuscany as a freelance artist. his works lead us into the invisible. layer by layer, the paint is applied to the image carrier, worked on, partly scraped off again, provided with materials until he arrives in his dimension of the original, without time and place – the infinite.

14. december 2021


lives and works as a restorer and visual artist in innsbruck. from 1975 to 1984 he studied in innsbruck and at the academia di belle arti in florence. the series “insulae” is designed as a thematic landscape painting on two levels. it serves as a means of transporting human wishes and desires (desire) to escape the constraints of social and political circumstances and to lead a life in harmony. the break only occurs on the second level, namely when one realises that there is no such thing as “eternal ice”, just as there is no such thing as the idyll of an island on which the current problems of a globalised world cannot be manifested.

13. december 2021


kreinecker lives and works in prambachkirchen (oö) her “investigation of reality” and the attempt to find something true in the process describes her personal approach to painting and drawing. in this series she deals with the line as a formal means of design and connecting element.

12. december 2021


after his education at the university of art in linz, raitmayr studied at the academy of fine arts with bruno gironcoli. by training, raitmayr is thus a sculptor. as such, he creates minimalist sculptures in which the superficially applied, model-like and the associated belittlement ultimately condense into a far-reaching mesh of associations and references (…g.dankl)

11. december 2021


born in styria, she studied at the university of applied arts in vienna, where she has lived and worked ever since. “matta wagnest is an eloquent artist” writes art historian hubert klocker, comparing her to the viennese actionists. “the painful tension between inferiority and megalomania, between depression and euphoria, between agression and self-incrimination is still part of austrian identity.”

10. december 2021


born in hall in tyrol, she currently lives and works in vienna, where she also graduated from the university of applied arts with prof. caramelle in the 80s. the work “hafelekar” was created at an invitation for an art in construction project of the new home. it shows, among other things, a map of the nordkette and the street network of innsbruck. her images are based on a scientifically oriented translation of reality.

9. december 2021


“he has made the border between the concrete and the abstract even more blurred by deliberately operating with the form of possibility. he puts our vision, our perception to the test. starting from nature, transforming it and yet respecting it, he creates images that can exist without the model. they are neither after-images nor equivalents; they are floating, ambiguous, open to various ways of reading…” (w. drechsler)

8. december 2021


judith p. fischer studied sculpture with wander bertoni. in many of her works, the artist, who was born in linz, combines elements of drawing and photography with sculpture or extends two-dimensional objects into space. her art is characterised by a haptic, sometimes sensual impression and contrasting materials such as concrete, fabric and various other materials.

7. december 2021


lives and works in vienna. after studying in the master class for sculpture with wander bertoni and in the master class for painting with carl unger and adolf frohner, she studied weaving and textile sculpture in biarritz/france. pale-coloured blossoms, dispersed colours, swirlingly scattered and condensed into shapes, offer a feast for the senses. pliem’s floral cosmologies draw the gaze into unfathomable depths. the eye roams through a seemingly endless, intricate, opulent terrain of blossoms, grasses and fruits.

6. december 2021


peter raneburger was born in 1967 in zell am ziller and lives and works in matrei in east tyrol. he studied philosophy up to his doctorate and is a painter, project artist and philosopher. in his art he deals with life itself. he observes closely and tries to capture life itself. he develops the thematic areas for his works out of the process of everyday events, which he writes down like a diary. he presents his art in writing, painting and conceptually. he takes up stimulating to irritating areas of everyday life and thus tries to stimulate more in-depth occupations.

5. december 2021


lives and works in innsbruck and lermoos. even alongside his work as a psychiatrist, he was already occupied with painting. his fondness for brazil inspired him to create the series “a serie brasileira”, which we will be showing in the gallery next year. in the work “lockdown”, zangerl shows the view from his residence in innsbruck, which, like many of us, preoccupied him more often than he would have liked in 2020.

4. december 2021


studied architecture in innsbruck and paris, since 1996 fritz has been intensively engaged in artistic photography. she shows the interaction of architecture and people through reflecting panes, small framed fields of vision, windows, openings in walls or grids. she arranges the images into sequences that immerse the viewer in an interplay of proportions. “through her sense for the beautiful in the inconspicuous, she manages to broaden the perspective in a narrative way” (…m.neuwirth…).

3. december 2021


norbert pümpel was born in 1956 in innsbruck and lives and works in drosendorf an der thaya in austria. he began his artistic career in the late 1970s in the field of concept art. he rejected training at an art academy and instead studied mathematics, physics and philosophy (without graduating). he works on visual concepts on the borderline to the sciences. at the moment he is mainly concerned with the possibilities and limits of human cognition and also the power of the image in relation to reality.

2. december 2021


thomas reinhold was born in vienna in 1953 and also lives and works there. he studied with herbert tasquill at the academy in vienna from 1974 to 1978 and initiated the “neue wilde” in austria at the end of the 1970s together with bohatsch, anzinger, schmalix and klinkan. in the mid-1980s he turned to the media-reflexive aspects of painting and photography, which continue to shape his work to this day. reinhold’s oil painting concentrates on the fundamental specifics of painting; these superimpositions invite an archaeological way of seeing in order to grasp the pictorial space.

1. december 2021


born in würzburg in 1980, she currently lives and works in berlin. as a performative conceptual artist, her work encompasses installation, sculpture, photography, film, performance and text works. she is an artist of extremes. “my job is to ask questions”, she said in a recent interview. since 2018, the artist has been travelling through europe for her #LOVEEUROPE project and also stopped in innsbruck to show her lovehate sculpture in front of the goldenen dachl.