Exhibitions 2022


16/02/2022 – 15/03/2022


lorenz helfer on his work: “in january 2020 i moved into a spacious studio in bregenz. after months of arriving and finding my way around, after countless failed paintings, i began to paint good pictures in tune with an unprecedented spring. my figures began to move more freely, earlier inaccuracies disappeared, leaving behind a painting that only served itself. (…) series emerged: at first it was reflections that interested me, dogs populated my paintings, i painted reflections on wet streets, i painted shadows. i let all the layers have a life of their own, each figure should move in its own way and yet they should all be connected. i questioned what reality was, i created parallel worlds, one painting showed different points in time. (…) over time, my streets became more and more lonely and the pictures became more and more monochrome. i realised that it was the emptiness that fascinated me more and more. i left cars, dogs and people behind. that’s where i stand today.” – lorenz helper