Exhibitions 2019


17/10/2019 – 03/02/2020

“drawing is an essential factor, form and colours belong together” says peter pongratz, the austrian painter, stage designer and jazz drummer who studied at the academy of fine arts in berlin and vienna. from 1966 to 1970 he worked as an assistant to max weiler. in 1968, together with kurt kocherscheid, martha jungwirth, franz ringel, wolfgang herzig and robert zeppel-sperl, he founded the artists’ group “wirklichkeiten” (realities) for an exhibition at the vienna secession. he is considered a representative of a satirical to socially critical realism. his “open” painting, beyond academic dogmas and modern dictates, surprises the audience with paintings and drawings of intense colour and personal pictorial inventions that touch and shock at the same time.