the artist was born in 1950 in santa mama (arezzo) and lives in arezzo. a graduate of the art institute “piero della francesca” in arezzo, he devoted himself to painting from a young age, participating in various personal and collective exhibitions. His training in painting is based above all on his tireless desire to experiment and research, which he concretizes and sediments in the complex relationships between matter and color.

since 1976 he has worked at the ministry of cultural heritage and activities as a draftsman in the superintendent of arezzo and in this capacity has over the years painted the works of the great masters of the tuscan renaissance, from piero della francesca to beato angelico, from signorelli to vasari, cimabue and many others, got to know at close range. he draws important inspiration from the old surroundings of the corroded walls, the cracks, the relationship between time and space, painting and architecture, nature and artificiality, he works solely for the sake of work and only rarely appears in public.