ohne titel
wonkun jun

colour, nothing but colour is wonkun jun’s “basic element” of his art. born in 1970 in seoul, korean u-a- studied under helmut federle in düsseldorf and describes his painting as a manifestation of his feelings, as a mirror of his soul.

1970born in seoul
1990-1996free painting, chugye art school, seoul
1998-1999free painting, university of fine arts, brunswick
1999-2003free painting, study of art academy, düsseldorf with prof. federle
lives and works in düsseldorf

extract from the exhibitions:

2015‘ununseptium’, artdepot innsbruck

beyond logic, gallery cubus-m, berlin
meanwhile, kunstraum no. 10, mönchengladbach
2014inside of inside, gallery bräuning, hamburg
color and harmony, gallery werner klein, cologne
gallery katharina krohn, basel
2013sleeps a song in all things, gallery m beck, homburg/saar
it’s me that you need, gallery cubus-m, berlin
speaking in colors, gallery LVS, seoul
2012untitled 2, theBox, düsseldorf
2011resonance, galerie lvs, seoul
painting and drawing, galerie werner klein, cologne