after her studies in vienna with prof. peter weibel she received the styrian landeskunstpreis and thus the first big solo exhibition in the “neue galerie” at that time under the direction of prof. skreiner. the exhibition “for sale” was a great success and was not only discussed in local newspapers but also in english and german magazines.

her international exhibition activities led her to work together with other artists such as erwin wurm, gerwald rockenschaub and heimo zobernig. she also cooperated with styrian art and cultural institutions such as “forum stadtpark”, “steirischer herbst”, “camera austria”, “grazer kunstverein” and “musikprotokolle”.

the personalities shown last year in the “minoriten” and the exhibition presented in summer d.j. at the kunsthaus köflach were a great success, orf, kronen zeitung and kleine Zeitung reported. the american tv station “emerald.planet” broadcast a 50-minute documentation of their work in june d.j. on the occasion of her appearance at the embassy in washington. the integration of international media was always important to her, so a team of the orf was also present in tokyo when she showed “watched while sleeping”. sigrid hroch – today head of the “antenne” – was there live, the report was broadcasted in zib 1.

the walk-in glass sculptures “” – which can be seen at the swarovski kristallwelten, skulpturenpark graz, augartenhotel and at arch.consult, among others – will be continued in “skulptur.europa”, which she believes could be made available to the new government as “locating a vision for austria & europe”. furthermore, this project as “” (quoting minister sobotka) is an interesting bridge to the coalition partner and is making its way into all eu.nations. and one day we will be able to say: it all started in austria!

she sees the invitation to the architecture biennale in venice next year as a “big task” and we should use the appearance together to present Austria in a “European pioneering role” … with “united forces” …