kiddy citny, born in 1957, is a well-known german street artist, he lives and works in berlin. his works include large format murals (works on canvas). his style is characterized by bright colors and strong, often provocative, messages. he is considered one of the leading artists in the german street art scene and has found recognition both in germany and internationally.

if you have seen the film “the sky over berlin” with the great bruno in the leading role, you know the work of kiddy citny. the angel (b.ganz) falls from the sky and lands in front of the painted berlin wall. the “kings and queens”, 3.6 m high heads, which made citny and thierry noir world famous after the fall of the berlin wall, were an attempt “to enclose east berlin with art” in 1985. the concrete-heavy picture carriers with their paintings found their way into international art collections – including the moma in new york. the hearts of citny were interpreted as a symbol of the new unity.

45 wall segments were auctioned in monaco in 1990, organized by the state, with the title “particularly valuable” and with the names of the two artists being given.