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master graphic artists

 In everyday language, the term graphic is often used synonymously with printed graphic. In contrast to drawings, for instance, graphics are works of visual art created by means of typographical procedures and intended for copying. 

Original printed graphics are understood to be all those types of works, whose actual print form has been produced by the artist him- or herself. The individual sheets should carry the artist’s signature, whereas the total edition and serial number are usually noted down with a pencil.  

A special printing technique is lithography, for example. It is the oldest form of planographic printing where a design is drawn on stone, which is then used as the print form and master. The drawing consequently needs to be crafted invertedly. When silk-screen printing, printing color is pressed through a finely woven fabric onto the target material with the help of a rubber doctor blade, a kind of rubber spatula.

When it comes to etching, the artist works the printing plate by means of a so-called etching needle, making lines and dots. Monika Cichon’s works featured in the exhibition “Masters of Graphics” are dry-point-etchings. This technique is especially suited for fine lines, since the printing plate is directly engraved with a steel needle and physical effort.

A selection of master graphic artists such as Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Günther Brus, Arnulf Rainer and Franz Ringel – who all belong to the generation of Viennese Actionists – are featured in the exhibition. Unique prints by Markus Prachensky, Max Weiler and Peter Blaas, who are all firmly established in the Tyrolese art scene, are also on display as well as Bruno Gironcoli and Thomas Reinhold.

 Original drawings by Thomas Palme, whose works are currently displayed at the Leopoldmuseum together with those of Egon Schiele and Günter Brus, as well as nude drawings by Peter Raneburger, edited prints by Esin Turan, delicate individual sheets by Marco Spitzar and Alexandra Kontriner, Helmut P. Ortner’s boards and ink drawings by Hannes Widmann show that contemporary art is also prominently featured.

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