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04/10/2018      opening
7 pm

05/25/2018      finissage
7 pm


peter raneburger

peter raneburger's exhibition 'halo' unites two conceptual approaches. on the one hand, 'halo' (a circle of light) is the title of his most recent series of works. on the other, 'halo', the arc of light, can be used as a synonym, tracing the arc of raneburger's work in the past 30 years.
in his current series raneburger blinds and seduces beholders in such a way that they suspect an ordinary depiction of saints. upon closer inspection, the androgyny and homogeneity of the depicted persons becomes disturbing. the sexes blur into one another by means of a transgender model and traditional notions dissolve. at the same time raneburger communicates his criticism of the phenomena of group dynamics, which employ individuals as mere pulley carriers.
the works, which show a cross-section of raneburger's creative work over the last thirty years, emphasize the rigor and consequence the artist uses to gnay away at his environment in order to get closer to what is essential.

"what is revealed here is the individual, the solitary person, who pushes art to intensification. raneburger takes sides using political sensitivity, but by no means in a one-dimensional manner. experiencing turn to suffering, co-suffering to compassio.
art is placed along the thread of life. in this context, locating and reacting to what is present - both spatially and humanly - is of importance.
these are works that get under one's skin. subcutaneous art makes an impact, corrodes, sets signs and signals, hurts. thomas berhard's dictum that "life is a trial that is lost" seems indicative here. the double meaning of "trial" coagulates to art that captivates the beholder. pointing out what is lost turns out to be a gain when it comes to achieving knowledge. by dealing with painful subjects, the artist representing the thorn in our sides, enabling us to step outside ourselves." (univ. prof. dr. markus neuwirth, institut für kunstgeschichte, innsbruck)

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