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02/06/2018      opening
7 pm

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matko vekic

matko vekić’s painting was formed in the past two decades as a specific synthesis of a stylistically and morphologically defined métier and a continuous preliminary questioning of not only painting as such but also establishing a dialogue with the surrounding world, with the observer of his paintings and finally himself.

his first solo shows in the mid-nineties (sc gallery) already showed that vekić’s artistic drive is not occupied in dealing with self, his own inner world, nor the issues of painting, which many artists of previous generations were prone to in the desire and pursuit of a complete reaffirmation of painting in the second half of the twentieth century. at that time vekić already ideologically completely opens. his interest is not fulfilled only in the area of art, but art is his primary means of expression and "data processing". although stylistically at that time not fully defined he already lays the foundation of his artistic attitude which he is true to even today some twenty years later.

posting the female nude, consciously and deliberately bordering vulgarity, masked with a hand covering the face, with the figure hidden under a burqa, for which we can only assume only on the basis of cultural recognition that it is a female person.

matko vekić with his painting challenges the notion of the orient as a fascination of europe in a positive and negative sense. the millennium conflict and coexistence, exchange of ideas and hatred. crusades and jihad. orient as the area where religions and gods and in whose name we vow (however we call him) arise and where we praise the mask of god’s image just because it is the fundamental difference in the perception of the same, and to us, apparently, so completely different that for several millennia we prove to each other the one, holy, inviolable and eternal truth.

matko vekić’s painting is deeply rooted in the present, the time of its creation, precisely because the theme refers to the incidence of this time but it is also timeless and universal, as his means of expression. vekić is definitely established as an artist whose area of interest goes beyond the narrow understanding of the classic concept of painting.

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