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09/26/17      opening
7 pm

10/07/17      orf long night of museums
6 pm - 1 am

on occasion of the long night of museums a
'performative dance performance' will take place
at artdepot at 8 pm and 11 pm:
polyphonie sisyphus with beni altmüller (A), giuliana urciuoli (IT)
fiorenzo zancan (IT), steve ingham (USA) and lawren spera (USA)

25.10.2017     finissage
19 uhr

beni altmüller

"inner imagery determines the subjective perception of the exterior world. each experience is preceded by the marveling emotion brought about the miracle of the "world", the very turning point which permits us to explore our environment and enter into resonances with it.the human brain is what locates individual existence, the position of the outside world in relation to our inner perception. from this we develop an integral system, a "tableau vivant", which is a state of permanent transformation. this inner synopsis initiates patterns of interaction with the surrounding world. we are what we feel. we act less rationally than we would like to admit. perception thus is a mixture of imagination, emotion and empirical knowledge.
what fascinates me is the search for artefacts, for the patterns and conditions that result from this combination that enables a view of the world from various perspectives. the tension brought about by this ambivalence is the essence of my images. fusing inner emotion and outside perception in an image is what drives my artistic pursuits. but wait a minute! doesn't that mean that it is especially the viewers themselves that bring the picture into their real life?"
(beni altmüller, august 2017)


on occasion of the long night of the museums
8 pm and 11 pm

dance: giuliana urciuoli (IT)
video: fiorenzo zancan (IT)
light installations: lauren spera (USA)
music: steve ingram (USA)
visual art: beni altmüller (AT)

polyphonie sisyphos is a meeting point of various artistic disciplines and methods. Visual arts, dance, video, music and light installations influence and react with each other in a oerformance. beni altmüller's contribution consists of pneumatic black stones. the black stones are inflated alternately by altmüller himself and an air pump, but the ait keeps escaping. the rhythm of the pumping as well as the in- and exhaling lends a structure to the scenery.
the pneumatic sculptures take their cues from the "theater of tones", an operetta in electroacoustic fashion, a commissioned work for the ARS ELEKTRONICA (linz) in 1984.
among others giuliana urcioli has worked together with choreographer carolyn carson in the dance department at the biennale di venezia. in this piece, she dances and performs on a very unstable table, falls over, gets up again ...
steve ingham is a visual artist and singer-songwriter. this time he deals with the rhythm of breathing and the spontaneous interaction with the dancer.
fiorenzo cancan shows a wideo that features giuliana in a seeming zero-g and upside-down dance in the sky.
sisyphus is a character from greek mythology who repeatedly escapes from the gods and thus from death. as his eternal punishment, he has to roll a rock up a mountain that always rolls back into the valley shortly before the summit. it is an adaption of the philosophical essay "the myth of sisyphus" by albert camus - a phiosophy of the absurd, whose final sentences have become famous: the struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. we have to imagine sisyphus happy.



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