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jakob gasteiger

born in salzburg in 1953, jakob gasteiger lives in vienna and the weinviertel. after his studies in music and performing arts in salzburg he won the faistauer award for painting in 1990. several other awards in the area of graphics ensued.
gasteiger moves across the borders seperating painting, drawing and sculpting. by blurring the lines between these disciplines, he forces them to evaluate their position. he considers himself a painter, since his works meet the requirements of a painting. color on a surface that is placed on a wall. he shows that an image does not only come into existence because color is applied with the help of a brush. his images are paintings, drawings, sculptures.

mario dilitz

dilitz, who was born in tyrol in 1973, combines old, sculptural knowledge and technical perfection with contemporary topics. in doing so, he creates sculptures of considerable intensity and fascination. erect, bipedal and often life-sized figures made of wood or bronze that are firmly placed in space dominate his oeuvre. his sculptures have a polarizing effect, they are both impressive and polarizing at the same time. their aesthetic beauty and perfection stand in contrast to their profound expression. a special characteristic of his works, which are crafted from glued blocks, is the very glue he uses. tinged black, it is what makes his sculptures unmistakable.



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