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irene dapunt

born in innsbruck in 1963, she studies under prof. oberhuber and prof. caramelle at the university of applied arts in vienna. furthermore, she also studied at the mozarteum salzburg under prof. peter prandstetter.
in 1992/93 she partizipated in amsterdam-based project funded by the ministry of art and education.
in 1994 she took part in the symposium 'the recognition of the intelligent line', directed by jiri georg dokupil.
various national and inernational exhibitions ensued.

in her works the artist time and again confronts various aspects concerning individuality and identity. seeing and beeing seen as well as the issues of proximity and distance are repeatedly addressed by her, which explains why dapunt inserts herself in the frame from time to time. for instance, the picture on the invitation served as a model for a scene in one of her artworks.

after her return from her adoptive home, vienna, two years ago, she now shows her newest creations in the exhibtion 'coming home'.

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2015, 145 x 200 cm, eggtempera and marker on canvas 2002-2008 2002-2008 2015, 110 x 80 cm, eggtempera on chinese calligraphy-cardboard 2015, 30 x 30 cm, eggtempera on canvas
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