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09/14 - 10/13/2016             community exhibiton with 'collapse & collage'
7 pm

by means of the project KO'LAZ by ivana juric (collage)/which translates as "like a lie" in croatian dialect, the artist examines if her/our past is memory or history ... the border is invisible, and the ony thing that matters is the spectator's point-of-view. our memories are painful, but history is always glorious and concerned with past matters. memories, even if we rarely talk about them, are relevant, vivid, sensitive.

the focus of fedor fischer's work lies in form, substance, dimension and size. the question arises, whether the medium we use to express something influences the content which we want to represent and vice versa.
fedor fischer poses questions such as:
-are explanations dependet on the circumstances when something happens?
- is changeability caused by the inevitable consilience of various factors over time?

fedor fischer creates images by superimposing different lyers and materials, copying or removing them. the process of origination and development becomes apparent in the form of the surface. in order to achieve the protruding surface, it takes time for the material to metamorphose. in this manner, experience exists via its temporal form.
the diverse techniques and materials employed by fedor fischer as well as the impossibility of defining the motives refer to predefined conditions, as soon as we observe them over a longer period of time. the images are documents of their own metamorphosis!

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