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michaela schweeger

in the course of her creative work the artist michaela schweeger has devoted herself to spatial design, small sculptures, large-format serigraphs and furniture design. what has been of especial interest to the artist is the individuell maintaininge his/her independent identity within this group.
michaela schweeger's exhibition ανθροποι . anthropi at the artdepot innsbruck features thirty gilded figurines on steles. the visitor becomes part of the artwork by blending in with the group of steles. the topic of a figure in a series is also reminiscent of archaic sculptures. the reduced design vocabulary and clarity take hold of the beholders and introduce them to the world of animistic faith with all its symbolism. in this way, the primordial female form is a recurrent topic in schweeger's work. michaela schweeger grew up surrounded by african art, which had a formative influence on the artist's childhood and which formed a part of her family's everyday live. schweeger's mother worked as a curator for the african collection of the vienna museum of ethnology. it is therefore obvious that the parental flat featured barouque-style madonnas alongside african sculpture. these defining impressions can be rediscovered in the artist's works which lead the spectator into a world of masks, myths and symbols.

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