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11/06/2015    guided tour with edelbert köb
3 pm
    'on the occasion of the premierentage
    kunstraum -> galerie thoman -> artdepot
11/30/2015    concert - 2in1klang
7 pm    heidi mravlag & melanie hosp
12/04/.2015    finissage
7 pm

nora schöpfer

'fluid existence', the exhibition shown at the artdepot, displays works which are especially the result of a preoccupation with questions concerning perception, concepts of time and space as well as ideas of reality and materiality. the main interest especially lies in presence, i.e. an immediacy of experience.
fictional perceptional processes are shown in an extensive installation of two- and three-dimensional works, moving images and simulated movements in an experimental linking of fragments of both memory and imagination in various media such as painting, installation, photography and video.

formal and content-related inconsistencies and temporal as well as special stretching encourage an atmosphere of immediacy in the act of seeing and prompt us to question the formation of realities in ourselves.
in doing so, phenomena such as random groupings of people, plants, animals, object in motion and change are addressed, or analogies between different structures, such as, for instance, dna-simulations and light reflexes, are established. an interplay of dissolution and composition to get a taste of presence in between.

the artist experiments with superimposed scenes of exhibition-like situations, well-known artworks, recipients and exhibition staff, since she detects the contemplative and present especially in the act of beholding art. the basis of these examinations is the relation between experience and memory, the individual and collective perceptive concepts developed from this, as well as the present and fresh sensation of each perception. the unfamiliar and therefore also fresh composition of realities also plays an important role with the objects made from plastic garbage. the organic formations that have been fashioned from plastic pieces found on the beach and that are mostly kept in the shape of blossoms, represent an example of generation in terms of content and material and at the same time are supposed to address an ecological responsibility. do we still have an influence on the realities we form? and what to we opt for in the process?

to nora schöpfer, the transparent thread-bodies which the artist has been installing in both interior and exterior spaces since 2003 represent the constantly shifting perspective on the apparent solidity of matter and thus touch upon the actual indefiniteness of spatial and temporal structures.




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