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03.10.2015orf lange long night of museums children program
6 - 7.30 pm'hokus-pokus auf dem zeichenblatt'
drawing with hubert flattinger
7 pm

matko vekić

matko vekić appeared on the croatian art scene in mid-1990s, having obtained a degree in painting from the academy of fine arts. before long, the art critics endorsed his own particular and mature manner, making him a prominent figure among the younger generation of artists. his work substantiates the claim that painting - a traditional medium that the 20th century had deprived of its privileged social status - can still portray key problems of contemporary life without forfeiting its formal aspects.

vekić's artistic strategy involves a wide range of traditional painting devices and witty formal gimmicks, even as engaging the other media in a meaningsful dialogue. his interest has always been primarily in the structure of the chosen model, and he mostly works in large formats using a subdued palette, his manner displaying certain features of informel art, and using the roller, the spatual and stencils, as well as the brush. the propensity for foregrounding, reconciling, and interpretation of opposites has repeatedly been singled out as the defining trait of vekić's work.

there is an ongoing dialogue of concrete and abstract in hisoeuvre, with the motifs, taken from nature and the city alike, interlinking in often extraordinary ways. on his canvases there are to be found automobiles, rats and goldfish, bugs, turnpikes and bridges, electric circuits and power lines, female terrorists and bodybuilders, football players and models ...

concerning the cycle named "mask of god's image'


Jihad is the holy war. it is the central topic of every holy scipture. it is not war on a horizontal plane - i or we against others - the holy war is fought vertically. it is the individual battle for the liberation and elevation of humanity raging within every human beeing. it is peculiar kind of warfare against one's own ignorance, jealousy, fear, malice. battle preparations take place behind the veil, emanating from a deeply held desire for deliverance. one could say that the prerequisite for this immense longing is the revelation of one's own nudity.
it is as if one's raised consciousness - i know that i know nothing - heeds the whisper of the delphic commandment: "human, know thyself".

the clamoring soul and the consciousness, aware of one's own ignorance and vanity, pause ... and the war begins. the holy war cannot be lost, if the soul takes command, the soul which hides behind the mask.
the world of the mask determines ...

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