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christine pöschl

lives and works in innsbruck and ampass. she attended the kramsach school of glass manufacturing and was able to unrestrictedly develop her skills there. she initially concerned herself with watercolor painting, but she soon discovered landscape painting, moving then on to figurative painting. however, her paintings can still be described as landscape art, the only difference being that her current artworks depict inner landscapes. “i am presented with these images”, is her answer to my question concerning her method. in her living room, which simultaneously functions as her studio, colors are mixed, and tarpaulins and the – mostly – huge canvasses are spread across the floor. she predominantly works with brushes, yet it can happen from time to time that she holds several of them in one hand. her works may be labelled gestural art. while painting she lapses into a trance – like state, she keeps painting until she cannot go on anymore. she often recognizes immediately when a work is finished, but sometimes she also puts it aside for hours, days or even weeks to complete it later on.

as the owner of the “musikladen” in innsbruck, which she has managed together with her son since the tragic death of her husband, it is obvious that music is significant to her work. accordingly, she listens to music while painting. very often it is jazz and always something that stirs her up. “as soon as my creative process begins, the works almost seem to grow out of me”, pöschl says. to escape from reality for a little while and to follow an inner urge – these are the reasons that make christine pöschl paint.

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