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peter raneburger

postmortal remains superimpose what is seemingly animated or are placed on a seemingly higher social stratum using insignia of human simplemindedness. 

the animated is without character itself – typically staged body postures taken straight from the advertisement industry make the personality disappear.

relinquishing the self under the pressure of a success-oriented society is what lies at the heart of these works, the relevance of this striving being put in question by the finiteness of all living things.


fritz ruprechter

“ruprechter’s panels and paper works are creations which require the calm hand and the accurate eye of an extremely attentive mind. ruprechter approaches this mind with an almost monk-like attitude, which in turn is reflected by the contemplative inspection of his works. his significant design element is the slant of the line, the area and the spatial overlap.” (maria christine holter)


maria vill

a-varations in painting, drawing and objects.

three constants: the vowel a, the square and the color white are ever present in vill’s work as constantly recurring elements. the reduction in the drawings shows the idealization of the visible and its elementary structures.

“maria will is not concerned with narratives, but with the unlimitedness of space and with a form that can also be a linguistic sign”, writes heinz gappmayer.


the connecting element of the three artists can be found in the title of the exhibition. 9971 is the postcode of matrei in east tyrol, where the three artists grew up. 

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