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 „hope & failure“ …. an artists talk with johannes vogl-fernheim

right from the start of johannes vogl-fernheim’s creative work he devoted himself to “classical” painting whereupon he focussed on colour and its effect. colour is his primary bearer of mood and emotion, information and expression – its occasionally even therapeutic effect, radiance, energy and expressiveness, his passion. the consistent use of warm and serene coloration in his oil paintings mirrors his positive outlook on life and expresses his confidence in the victory of hope over failure.

during his four years as a student of the master class for painting and graphics at the famous gerrit rietfeld academy in amsterdam, the artist also worked for two years as a restorer. he was given the rare opportunity to participate in the restoration of a Rembrandt masterpiece and was able to explore the old master’s technique. he discovered the secret of translucent colour which evolves from superimposing countless layers of colour pigments on a light based coat. this experience is one of the basis for the development of the intense luminosity of johannes vogl-fernheims oil paintings. he gained a profound knowledge for the industrial arts from his teachers, experimented permanently with colours and still creates and mixes his paint himself. the oil paintings, shown in this exhibition, were created within the last three to four years, and demonstrate his current development in using colour as a medium of communication. by mixing natural resin into his paint, which also has the positive side effect that the drying process of the oil-paint accelerates, the surface becomes glossy and increases the light impression. both transparency and luminance originate from the internal structure of layers and the reflection of light on the shiny surface reinforce the expressive power of colour. (maddalena steinbacher)



about the works of christoph waldhart

born in 1984 in zirl, christoph waldhart studied sculpting in elbigenalp, kramsach and laas (south tyrol).

since 2009 he has predominantly occupied himself with wood as material. cloven, chopped – it always requires a major effort to reduce it into smaller pieces. and this is exactly what waldhart concerns himself with. with chainsaws and woodcleavers weighing tons he goes about his work. his hacking, sawing and cleaving sends the wood chips flying. and with these he has fashioned one of his first, reassembled objects: legs in red high heels made out of wood chips. “xykalia learns to walk” is the title of this object, maybe referring to the greek word “cyclus” – the recurring event and “xenia”, which, in its modified form (“xeni”) still means “strange” today.

his relationship to wood can also be interpreted in the following manner: something that, again and again, seemingly appears similar, the material in its countless variations, depending on many influences, and that which is eternally strange, also made thus via the most diverse treatments. waldhart especially relates to the “schoaten”, which are exhibited here. the stacking of logs, the so-called “holzleggen”, has always been associated with joy, i.e. the joy brought about through the collected firewood that enables warmth throughout the winter. it is a very archaic approach which is becoming rarer and rarer these days, now that central and gas heating have found their way into our households. and yet he, probably also because of his natural upbringing in the countryside, remembers the force of nature time and again. the artist succeeds in an interesting experiment by asking the audience to build sculptures with the help of the broken wooden pieces. hope and “break”-downs can thus be experienced.the thorns, which can also be seen in this exhibition, should be regarded as a continuation of the logs, however with a considerable difference: their manipulation resides with the artist.

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>> information about the artist - christoph waldhart

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