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 throughout his oeuvre, michael kos addresses questions of art, politics, society, religion, economics, and morality. the artistic intention is always to enlighten with a critical eye, to analyze real aspects of society in terms of a political subtext. michael kos deals freely with an array of artistic methods. they are disparate and – in the spirit of postmodern expansion - unconventionally put at the service of each message. the basic material of the series represents a wide range of divergent substances and is often processed and used in surprising and atypical ways, which in some cases even go so far as to break social taboos. strange and contradictory things are brought together and combined with one another. methods and materials are chosen with a view towards equalizing or even reversing traditional hierarchical values and conventions.

the artistic drive uses the manual impetus of handicraft and the conceptuality of sculptural practice. the tangible and sculptural, creation and construction, and materials and space are all central aspects of the work. intensive efforts to explore the respective materiality of the substances and an exciting interaction with their individual qualities are conspicuously evident throughout the works, even through they often otherwise can only be sensed in the artistic process. the conflict pierces the material deeply, in both senses of the term, drawing previously unknown aspects and intriguing dimensions to the surface to be formed into a new aesthetic. the artistic actions of the process are often limited and modest; the methods kept simple and unspectacular. the statement does not require a complicated, but rather a concise form. and the results are often irritating at first glance, despite – or because of – being expressive and highly convincing. they don’t always pander to standard expectations and reception patterns, such as kos’ sewn stones or his objects made from loaves of bread or communion wafers. this is also true of his work series surrogates and mappings, both of which have a highly art-related content but are based formally on lapidary materials, their poetic and aesthetic potential only becoming effective in an artificial context.[…]                                                       christine wetzlinger-grundnig, director mmk-carinthia

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