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giuliano caporali

giuliano caporali was born in 1950 in arezzo (tuscany), where he lives and works until today. he has always been fascinated by drawing and especially color. after he has received his diploma at the instituto delle arti, he participated in diverse exhibitions already at an early age. his work as a painter resulted primarily from a persistent willingness to experiment and search continually, which he has translated and manifested in the complex interplay of material and color.

in 1976 he began working as a drawer for the ministry of education and cultural affairs in Arezzo where he was able to study and restore frescos of painting’s great old masters - from piero della francesca, beato angelico, signorelli to vasari, and many others – from up close. all these experiences were crucial for his development as an artist. due to being in permanent contact with these “dusty” antique frescos and canvases, he realized that his way was not that of figurative depiction and thus he sought to enter into a dialogue with poetics. the antique walls with their corrosions, cracks and fissures inspired him and made him attempt to construct a relationship between memory, space, painting, architecture, nature and the artificial.

his painting is informal, spontaneous, always in close relation to the unconscious. There are no contours, the colors support each other, they mingle among themselves and form chromatic contrasts and a surface of concentrated energy.

his current work is supposed to express inner tranquility and calmness. the artist is supposed to withdraw from the beholder’s view and leave the expression to his work.



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