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11/06/2014  premierentage - wege zur kunst
7 pm  neo art jazz performance by violetta de saga &
  live paint poetry by kiddy citny
12/11/2014  finissage
7 pm


kiddy citny

born in stuttgart in 1957, kiddy citny was drawn to berlin in 1975 where he has been living until today with the exception of interruptions and stays in international metropolises such as los angeles, amsterdam, london, etc.

in the meantime, he has become one of the most well-known mural artists of berlin. the wall, which is located on waldemarstraße in berlin-kreuzberg, used to be part of his studio. in 1984 he started painting this wall with his “hearts”, “crowned heads” and the motif “the world in one’s arms” with the intention of reducing the tristesse of the “anti-fascist rampart” to absurdity.

kiddy citny uses the motives for his murals in his paintings as well as in the songs of his band “sprung aus den wolken”, whose song “pas attendre” can also be heard in wim wender’s film wings of desire. people and their desires have always been at the heart of citny’s inspiration – the longing for freedom and a happy, inspired life are reflected in his works which, together with their concrete-heavy image carriers, have found their way into international art collections, the new york museum of modern art (MoMA) being one of them.

citny’s vividly colored works and paintings are an expression of his positive attitude towards life, symbolizing a world of poetry and the desire for indispensable love and community. complex topics such as peace, freedom and responsibility are illustrated with simple metaphors.

citny juggles with familiar encodings. what is additionally imminent is the dialectic between descriptive motifs and graphic ideology. hieroglyph-like pictograms and epigram-lines, words or sentences are meandering around the bodies and heads and are placed on the image plane with graphic gesture as a commenting backdrop. the symbols do not only function as mere handwriting, but rather also as the artist’s signature.

the artdepot innsbruck shows recent as well as older works by kiddy citny in which he offers a fresh take on the world-renowned motifs of the berlin wall.



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