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“it is an exhibition of a completely abstract nature, and yet it echoes something thematic, since a shifting of borders between the in- and outside and an opening against the environment takes place through the assembly of linen parts of different formats.” arthur salner


günter moschig about the works of arthur salner:

the balanced relation of the forms in the picture is salner’s first concern, even if he pursues it by different painterly means. in the end, his most recent paintings also try to grasp the essence of painting now, through formal reduction to simplicity and clear statement which brings the panel painting between material object and aesthetic experience closer to the latter, to a reality of the image which reveals itself in the pure viewing. if he guides this reality in “image-objects” into three-dimensionality now, it is a consequence of his contemplation of space and architecture. the image itself becomes a thing, expands into an object and makes an “all-around experience” possible. arthur salner represents mystification and polysemy.


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