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wilhelm scheruebl examines the natural structures and processes to be found everywhere – self-organised structures of development and transformation, visible in interpersonal networks just as in the cell structure of a plant stem. these processes are finely balanced between order and chaos. the starting-point of scheruebl's reflections is light, which, in the interplay of bright and dark, initiates the dynamism of becoming. 

"by 'nature'," says the philosopher and sociologist georg simmel, in his essay the philosophy of landscape, "we mean the endless connection of things, the uninterrupted production and negation of forms, the flowing unity of occurrence that is expressed in the continuity of temporal and spatial existence.

matter, every kind of material, is constantly in a process of transformation. this is evident everywhere in the cycles of nature, from the changing seasons to the certain end of our corporeal existence. a plant demonstrates this constant becoming; it represents the seasonal cycle, from seedling, to flower, to seed-production, to the formation of new earth from the dead plant material. (astrid kury)


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