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that art is waste is nothing new. manmade objects – and this includes so-called objets d’art – are first of all things that are cast off in the process of human activity. just as the scarab rolls its dung balls, the human being paints pictures, builds sculptures or fabricates theories. little dung balls all, rolling meaninglessly through the sand. art should be taken seriously in this way. what is dropped from the work of art is like the falling foliage or the blooming of a bud. irretrievable, impenetrable, oblivious, self-evident, unimportant and yet indispensable.

walter meissl’s strange objects are such waste products. they are strangely incomprehensible. and yet – or maybe because – they constantly provoke being looked at. what is it?, one asks oneself, and the strangeness prevents one to find an answer to this question. thus, the strange objects perpetuate the condition of questioning. like the head which sometimes thinks and sometimes looks. most of the time it is just lying around like that. stray heads, one could call them. they take a walk by the water, every now and then dipping their brain into the cool liquid, taking it easy apart from that.

that heads are lying around is nothing unusual, as the head is a landscape, impenetrable like the jungle. impenetrable like the strangeness of all objects. the landscape has a face and the area is the whereabouts of all objects.

in this manner the erect branch, the chair that has been polluted by cubic white, and the vagabonding heads have one thing in common: the more you look at them, the more you see. and the more you see, the less you know.


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