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nika kupyrova about her works:

“one of the themes that interest me is the borderline between the living and the non-living. what are the most minimal means needed for one work to be described as an ‚object‘ and another as a ‚being‘? in my work the borderline disintegrates and is often impossible to see where living ends and non-living begins. in the photography series „fish fingers“ i altered the shapes of the usual soft toys using cellophane, bringing them away from their expected identities. in the installation „head hunter“ i’ve been inspired by the characters of early slavic mythology who vary between animal, human and object qualities and change their form from story to story. the characters seem not quiet adjusted to our world, are missing essential parts, sprouting inexplicable organs and are therefore sympathetic to our own human weaknesses and limitations. my other inspirations range from dream logic to japanese animation and b-movie horrors, which all in their separate ways are very good at bringing inanimate objects to life.”


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