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“one always writes under the supervision of everything written before.” (botho strauß)


michael ziegler about his work:

i work as a drawer, painter, and photographer. three independent workgroups come into existence, however, each corresponds with another, each is geared to another.

sketches are the most permeable  medium for me, as they enable me to short-circuit myself with divergent perceptions and experiences, the real as well as the imaginary, the present as well as the past, bildanstössen of various kinds. the reflection of historical positions plays a significant role. works of the most diverse epochs and origins are mirrored. this is not meant to signify a postmodern kind of citation, but rather a kind of listening to an echo that is simultaneously far and near, the location of present and topical images behind images.   

photography allows me to keep a kind of intimate diary. similar to a haiku, views of the immediate surroundings are condensed into the inside world of the outside world of the inside world. my photographic work is strongly characterized by my experience as a drawer and a painter, but film and literature also play a big role.

through painting i attempt to calm my ideas, which, in drawing, oftentimes nervously digress in my drawings, a clarification of the momentary frames collapsed  in photography, mostly realized in small formats, a repeated contemplation of picturesque positions, a focus on the essential.

this exhibition takes place in cooperation with the galerie rhomberg as well as the galerie thomas flora, which also show positions by michael ziegler. all three exhibitions combine to form a show of ziegler’s topical works. a catalog, edited by peter weitermair,, will be published.


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