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about the exhibition:

metamorphosis (greek μεταμόρφωσισ (metamórphosis)  = transformation


about the works of sabine groschup:

the photographs show self-portraits, but always just in detail or in a lack of definition. one can see a presence in a blurry space. the pictures have an unreal, uncanny quality, and presences blend into this strange reality, which border on the bizarre because of the way they came into existence. these presences are embroideries, kept in black-and-white, which are not just outlines, but filled gravitating towards a relief.

a video-loop is projected onto a triangular canvas hanging from the ceiling. the projection  shows close-ups of body parts, a tracking shot across a face, hair, ears, neck, and eyes. again and again the recordings plunge into the fuzziness and are superimposed by other close-ups.


martina tschemi about her works:

the artistic emphasis of my work is the drawing, the joy of drawing forces me into ever bigger formats; this is the way my roll images come  into being, among other things.

the rolls always show a topic that is being run through from a to z in different variations. the presentation of such a roll is the center of my exhibition. 

details of that roll are also presented in the showroom as large-size drawings which assimilate the roll’s content and design vocabulary. however, the roll’s continuity is destroyed in the process, important forms are being retrieved, consequently emphasized and placed within a composition. the lines between ornament and image become blurry. the continuing ornament transforms into a composition.

likewise, i show a cartoon at the exhibition. the basis of this cartoon is a roll drawing. the animation makes it possible for me to gain a different, another perspective of what is being drawn. selected segments are animated, they are e.g. rotated, made to protrude over the edge of the roll or they metamorphose into something else. subtle changes are slowly being made visible, a temporal sequence is pictured.  


>> information about the artist - sabine groschup

>> information about the artist - martian tscherni

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