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margaritha wanitschek – stingers (drones)

lives and works in schwaz, tyrol
“[…] her search for transparency led her to the delicate objects suspended in the room, to silvery, fragile sculptures. her three-dimensional installations in the room maximize transparency via a choreography of shadows.” (peter weiermaier)


christopher grüner – fetish george

lives and works in innsbruck
franz kafka “penal colony”
“one cannot beat the text, one can only use it as material. this requires a certain degree of courage and irreverence, which usually does not hurt artistic products.”


elisabeth & albin schutting – victims of torture

live and work in thaur/innsbruck
this space installation places drawings of “victims of torture” opposite a tv viewer. human skins add to the scene. the pictograms refer to the various torture methods which do not leave any external, visible traces, like e.g. waterboarding, sleep deprivation, mock executions… and, like any other kind of torture, aim at the complete psychological extinction of the personality.


karin raitmayr – family history

lives and works in vienna
the starting point of this artwork are two family portraits. great great grandparents, great granduncles, great grandparents, grandaunts, granduncles and grandfathers from the father’s side are chronologically arranged by means of photographs, put into a sequence, and are then assembled into a necklace. two generations are superimposed in such a way that the transparent material makes individual faces melt into one another. families as a symbol in the shape of jewelry that adorns and captivates at the same time. 


minu ghedina – carpet of wounds

lives and works in innsbruck
skin is shown as a medium of memory, as the most sensitive and at the same time most hard-wearing border between the in- and outside. in this way it touches, where a disguise begins to break open.


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