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gabriela proksch

the work process with renate egger took place on the occasion of a common work stay at paliano. at a sponsored studio of the county of tyrol located in the roman hinterland, the arcadia of german-roman painters, we spent one month, intending to get to know each other’s approach, to investigate where our common grounds and commonalities were, and where differences could inspire and enrich us.

“passages” refers to both, the journey as an immersion in a foreign culture and the classical hero’s journey into the underworld, a ritual of transition, the confrontation with one’s own shadow, one’s own fears, traumata, and resistances. as transformation and change are a connecting thread in my series,  the exhibition features new works (paintings and objects) as “passages” for the spectator, no step, no motion, activity, thought, emotion, decision can be revised. each step is a step forward – there is no turning back, the journey continues ever more. the objects “7 gates of innana” consist of birds’ nests, acryl and iron parts and wood. they refer to the series “migrant birds,” which began during the common journey with renate egger in paliano. the two photographic works likewise provide an insight into this journey.


renate egger

arcadia, there i am and there we became. goethe already reports of the hazy clarity of the landscape in his italian journey. he loved the country in which, however, not only lemons bloom. rome, once the navel of the world, founded by romulus, who, like remus, had been fed by a she-wolf. a different rhythm can be felt in the eternal city, sealed in old casings it transfers itself pulsatingly into every fiber of existence. this immortal pulse transfers itself inevitably onto the new. i place my hands on the shoulders of the she-wolf. i am beginning to discover the wild woman. what is and what remains? there baubo laughs, luring all the gods with her roaring  laughter. the wild female is ripe and sweet like the forest berries of nemi. we hold a celebration in her honor, burning fruits. once arrived at the temple of the female, the pieces of the puzzle form a whole. among the many keys that we possess it is difficult to find the fitting one. in the meandering stream of life there are many placeholders, but also door openers. audaciously i catch a glimpse through one of the keyholes. what might lie beyond? i open and step through the gate and have arrived where i wanted to be. in the land of enlightenment. i am being received by the stars and the holy summit. one and one equals three.


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