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stories without beginning or end:

i first came across the works of barbara tavella’s some 15 years ago. they interested and drew me in right from the start. photography and video were her favorite media then. as far as her themes are concerned, the artist, who was born in 1972 and is currently living in the gader-valley, has concerned herself with her environment and her existence as a woman in the latter. she once told me that what is of interest to her, is the small space, the private, intimate, female space. the artistic implementation took place in a subtle, poetic yet simultaneously powerful way. already then it was her aim to playfully stage and depict the veiled and unveiled, to address the tension between belonging and alienation. not much has changed in that respect until today. what has changed is that, after a five-year hiatus, barbara tavella now predominantly dedicates herself to painting and drawing. her recent works have increased in profundity as well as lightness.

barbara tavella tells stories without beginning and end. personal stories which exceed the personal sphere by far. stories that generate an intense attraction and that come into existence especially in the mind of the spectator. tavella moves her collage-like subjects like scenery, plays with opposites, doublings, fragments; the figures seem like dolls, like puppets. the bodies are assembled, strangely contorted, dismantled into separate parts. the figures pull the spectators into the picture. they look at you with big eyes, all the while keeping their distance. … (susanne barta)


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