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patrick baumüller is searching for clues in a world of entanglements. at the center of his attention lies the human being with all his/her wishes, hopes, but also weaknesses and insufficiencies in an increasingly impersonal living environment. liking to drift along the border between art, commerce, and politics (cf. projects such as wursthaberer, w.e.t.o., rothkrebschen märzenbier, speakers’ corner), baumüller scans the surfaces of our society and transfers his perceptions in an astonishingly simple and thrilling way into the artistic context and the showroom. once they have arrived there and are on offer, the visitor, similar to a public archeological excavation, can look over the artist’s shoulder and become entangled in repressed occurrences, old memories, and fleetingly perceived inconsistencies from the interpersonal web of relations […] (galerie stock, vienna)


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mimicry. an invisible flying object, the oniweig, crashes in the center of paris, right at the intersection in front of the terrace of the pavillon de hanovre: “a catastrophe unrivaled in the history of the centuries: a fantastic hullabaloo of cars crashed into one another, of tumbling horses, of deathly pale coachmen, maddened chauffeurs, of blood-covered people thrashing about and dispersing in all direction…” experts including jean le tellier gather to restore order and read out plausible explanations. finally they invade the invisible, yet graspable body. an abundance of plaster casts is made to practically realize the visible dimension of every item with the help of its cast. aghast, they discover a shape in a back room of the flying object that, at least on the surface, bears resemblance to a human being. only after more detailed examination do they discover that is “an agglomerate of animals that have fused into a human shape, and the animals were spiders…” this phenomenon of mimicry could only be confronted with human logic, and so it was interpreted as a “means of defense! a stratagem! when they realized themselves to be under our control, they thought we would spare our equals. (jörg kirchbaum/rein a. zondergeld: die sehnsucht der sirene nach dem wasser. die welt des maurice renard 1978).


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