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based on the basic idea that extraordinarily thrilling and essential moments originate in artistic discourse when working in a team or in the shape of a network,  exemplary cooperations taken from current or past projects involving architects (recreation eduard wallnöfer platz), artists (plattform kunst öffentlichkeit), graphic artists, literary figures, etc. are shown.

the focus of these works is the treatise “laws of form,” written by the english logician and mathematician george spencer brown, whose words “draw a distinction and a universe comes into being” identify the act of differentiation as a fundamental cognitive operation. this way realities are created which supposedly have to be thought of as existing in an external space that is separate from the individual person.

grüner dedicates himself to the infinite look at the blind spot and the exchange of logical types. in his most recent work he makes use of denunciation: the media’s infinite availability (in a visual context as well), develops into an infinite loop, and art is consequently “degraded” to piece goods.


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