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lukas hüller’s specialty are panorama photographs, which he realizes with adapted special and home-made cameras – the “larscan-rundhorison-camera.” by rotating the camera about its axis as the film unreels synchronously to the movement of the camera, photographs are created that offer an perspective of 360 degrees and more. this panoramic vision, reduced to a two-dimensional image, enables the synchronous perception of locations or events that are apart from each other and which the human eye itself cannot take in at one glance. at times, the photographs therefore impress with their high degree of abstraction. at the same time, however, this technique allows to include the passing of time and thus to arrest a narrative process in the image.

fascinated by this opportunity, lukas hüller dedicated himself again and again to the depiction of temporal-spatial processes – the narration of stories – in his works: with “chambre 110,” “belgica – un long metrage,” and “future macbeth” scenically staged rotational photographs were produced in the 1990s, in which the actors repeatedly appear in one non-manipulated negative. the photographs, realized in collaboration with renowned actors, were presented with international photographic awards.


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