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stories of creation or first steps are always the hardest

 one likes to start from the premise that the word was in the beginning… sayings like this raise the assumption that there was an author behind the holy scripture who wanted to create a prerogative for his craft in this manner. we, who work with the brush, would like to have, if not a sentence, then a word in this respect when it comes to such important priorities. the creator, precursor of all creative, also said the following: let there be light! and there was light. he, looking on the light, saw that it was good: and god ma he saw that the light was good. he made a division between the light and the dark, naming the light day and the dark night. at the very beginning of the scripture the contrast of light and dark is resorted to, the basis of any good graphic work. furthermore, he says: let the land grow young green, every plant producing seed and every tree which has fruit producing seed… first god creates light which already contains all colors and then explicitly introduces the green. it is only at this point that creation is viable on its own and on track, it is now that progress is made, even if man does not play a role yet. color was the crucial point: in the beginning there was painting.

(reiner schiestl)


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