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Four ants, four stages, four hiding places, four coincidences, four thoughts, four wrestlers, four times provocation, four crystals, four staffs, four demands, four dreams, four treasures, four knick-knacks, four times lyric, four times precision, four plants, four books, four directives, eight eyes, four times magic, four associations, four creatures, four fates, four times transparent, four times opaque, four variations, four nuances, four casts, four times pleasure, four vessels, four times mirth, four reflections, four quotes, four times garishness, four times astounding, four times fragile, four segments, four colors, four times splendid, four times brilliant, four times mischief, four times tactful, four times sensitive, four growths, four links, four extracts, four sources, four constructions, four times doubt, four times strength, four subtleties, four oceans, four hurricanes, four conquests, four parables, four times poetry, four scenes, four orchestras, four times pop, four times delicate, four perspicacities, four contours, four silhouettes, four times doggishness, four times strictness, four aspects, four gazes, four allegories, four sentences, four constructs, four contours, four cross-sections, four oddballs, four creations, four shades, four extracts, four narratives, four readings, four authors, four artists

Invitation to the exhibition


Kirsten Borchert (G) Judith Leinen (G) Astrid Rausch (A) Petra Schweifer (A) 

curated by Stefan Glettler 

2018, 2m x 1,2m, fotoperformance 2018, 2m x 1,2m, fotoperformance 2013, 220cm x 120cm, linenprint paint over 2018, 100 x 70cm, print 2018, 100 x 70cm, print
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